Internments which violate basic rights

A new order is issued to the Ministry of the Interior to close down the internment centre for foreigners (CIE) in the Zona Franca. The legal dispute between the City Council and the state will therefore be settled at the Spanish National High Court as from September.

13/07/2017 11:12 h


The poor conditions at the CIE are one of the arguments sustained in the order to seal off the centre. Some fifty people interned there are currently on hunger strike as a protest. The Deputy Mayor for Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency, Jaume Asens, visited the centre on 12 July to find out about the state of people inside, reiterating that the centre “doesn’t comply with minimum safety and fire prevention conditions”.

During the visit, Asens declared: “These people are demanding dignity in the face of internment conditions which violate basic rights, such as appropriate medical care. They’re also demanding freedom in the face of an internment measure which is completely disproportionate”.


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