Launch of the first network of cities to combat gender inequality

London, Los Angeles, Freetown, Mexico City, Tokyo and Barcelona all make up the City Hub and Network for Gender Equity (CHANGE), a pioneering network of cities for sharing policies, initiatives and strategies to combat sexism, misogyny and injustice on the grounds of gender.

23/11/2020 17:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The CHANGE network explicitly recognises cross-cutting inequalities based on race, religion, ethnic origin, disability, sexual and gender identity. To combat them, member cities will be working together to implement local initiatives which provide a response.

In Barcelona, the City Council is working to apply the gender perspective across the board. On one hand, in all strategies, plans and initiative implemented in the city, such as urban planning with a gender perspective and the creation of the LGBTI Centre, and on the other, in the management of the local administration, with a regulation on gender equality within Barcelona City Council.


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