Leisure and entertainment activities in Ronda Sant Antoni bring together 9.000 people

Recreational and entertainment activities in Ronda de Sant Antoni have attracted 9.282 people since 23 June, the goal being to fill the street with life before work gets under way to remove the raised area of paving slabs here in November. The project is part of the Neighbourhood Plan and was launched to give the space a social use, sharing the process from the outset so that local organisations and retailers could get involved and promote the programme of activities.

07/08/2022 11:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The initiative aims to foster new community uses in the paved space, promoting ties between El Raval and Sant Antoni and consolidating neighbourhood dynamics ahead of the future transformation of the area, which will be converted from a space for traffic into an open space for the community. In addition, the programme of activities aims to forge positive dynamics between local people and promote local commerce, with key people and organisations from both neighbourhoods involved in the process.

Two permanent agoras, one in each section of the street, offer regular activities across an eight-hour period every day of the week. Activities at one are linked to children and family use, with board games and recreational spaces, so far having attracted 5.965 people. The other is aimed at young people and adults, offering a space with tables, chairs and other elements making up a comfortable space for activities. This point has so far attracted 3.317 local people.

Besides the two fixed agoras, another two temporary points will be offering a cultural programme with workshops, shows and ephemeral activities. These are being organised from 5 August and can also include activities by local organisations, adopting their own formats and characteristics. Cultural activities can include storytelling, talks, presentations, street arts, theatre, board games, dances and activities promoting healthy habits. In this case, the programme takes place on weekday afternoons and at weekends, without a predetermined calendar.

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