Local residents rethink the Model prison

Dos mesos després de l’obertura de l’antiga presó com un nou espai cívic i social per a la ciutadania, 18.904 persones han visitat la Model per endinsar-se en les seves instal·lacions, passejar pel pati interior o participar en alguna de les activitats que s’hi han programat. La festa ciutadana que va obrir les portes de la Model a tota la ciutadania, després de dècades de foscor, va iniciar una nova etapa de llum i vida a l’antic centre penitenciari. Una nova etapa que segueix avançant amb l'inici, durant el mes de març, del procés participatiu amb la ciutadania per concretar quins usos definitius tindrà la Model.

29/03/2018 10:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

After decades of darkness, the public celebration which opened up the prison for public use signalled a new period of light and vitality at the former penitentiary facility. The new period has moved forward with the participatory process started in March, allowing the public to decide how the site will be used.

Two sessions have already been held for citizens to put forward proposals relating to the site’s facilities and public housing, as well as how to preserve the building and its historical memory. Two more sessions are planned before May on green space there and the Model as a whole. Further information is available at: www.decidim.barcelona.

Contributions by members of the public at these sessions will be included in the analysis for the update to the Master Plan (2009) on La Model so that it can be adapted to current city needs and work can begin in 2020.

Good balance

The free visits to the site have allowed 17,467 people to see inside the former prison and stroll around the entrance yard, the post room, the phone room, the panoptic viewing point, the galleries and the multi-purpose sports yard. As from May, free visits will also be accompanied by themed guided tours looking at the life and history of the Model.

The photography exhibition by Josep Maria Llobet on the perimeter wall will also remain in place, offering large-format images of the inside of the building when it was closed in June 2017.

In this same period, 1,437 people have also taken part in the various activities, meetings and debates organised at the site, addressing different topics such as Francoist crimes, human rights, community action and mental health, as well as round table sessions as part of the BCNegra festival.

The full programme of activities and times can be found on the website lamodel.barcelona.




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