Maker Faire Barcelona devotes its programme to the circular economy

Hundreds of local and international makers will be sharing the most advanced Society 4.0 projects at the Maker Faire on 5 and 6 October. This year's event is being held at the Nau Bostik in Sant Andreu and includes a programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and family activities. As a new addition, there will be a film series on the circular economy, the topic around which the event revolves. Entry to the fair is free.

03/10/2019 12:12 h


The Maker Faire Barcelona 2019 presents over a hundred proposals (stands, exhibitions, demonstrations, documentaries, workshops and talks), including some of the most interesting circular initiatives from sectors such as textile and fashion, agriculture, food and construction.

The event will also showcase the results of experimenting and producing based on all kinds of waste and plastics collected from the Mediterranean and returned to the market through the circular economy.

This gathering of digital makers will be supplemented by the presentation of projects with advanced results in areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 3D manufacturing, nanotechnology, social robotics, chemistry, machine learning, photonics, acoustic levitation and cyborg projects where prostheses are exo-senses and bodies are fields of invention.

This sixth edition will be held on 5 and 6 October at the Nau Bostik in Sant Andreu, one of the city’s leading neighbourhoods for makers. Entry is free, and the programme is aimed at audiences of all ages, with some activities specially aimed at families.

 DSIPLAY gets under way

The Maker Faire Barcelona will also feature the first session of DSIPLAY, a series of Digital Social Innovation experiences in Barcelona to share the best initiatives in this area.

The first session will be a tour of the fair, new forms of production and learning to transform society. This free session is being held at 5.30 pm on Saturday, 5 October, and is open to anyone wishing to learn about the best projects from the Maker Faire.

 Documentaries on the circular economy

The fair’s Speakers’ Corner features a long list of local and international experts including Cuban artist and designer Ernesto Oroza, Techfestival director Marie Louise Gørvild, and Ezio Manzini, who is probably today’s leading sustainable design expert.

As a new feature, this year’s edition includes a series of documentaries on the circular economy, with films such as Closing the Loop, Out of Plastics and Molta Merda, which look at the disastrous effects of our linear economy while showing us routes towards an economic and social transition.

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