Minimum services for the women’s strike

Public services will be affected by the women’s strike on 8 March, with some unions proposing 24 hours of action and others favouring a 2-hour stoppage in the morning and the afternoon. The Ministry of Labour at the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council have decreed minimum services to ensure essential services for the city continue to operate.

07/03/2018 11:57 h


Barcelona City Council is supporting Thursday’s strike and will not be holding any institutional or public acts. The Mayor and the municipal government’s women Councillors and Commissioners will be joining the day-long strike.

Public transport

In line with minimum services decreed by the ministry, the various public transport operators in the city will be running at least the following services:

  • Rodalies and Regionals de Catalunya trains: 33% of services throughout the day.
  • Metro and buses operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Tram and FGC train services: 50% of services during rush hour (6.30 am to 9.30 am and 5 pm to 8 pm) and 25% at other times.
  • Other urban and inter-urban transport: 50% of regular services.


The ministry has decreed that municipal nursery schools must be staffed by at least a third of personnel.

At primary schools (3 to 12 years old), there will be a minimum of one teacher for every six classrooms. At special education centres (3 to 16 years old) the ratio should be at least one teacher for every four classrooms. During lunch breaks and complementary activities there should be at least a third of personnel.

At all education compulsory education centres there must be at least one member of management staff.

Other services

Minimum services decreed by Barcelona City Council include the following:

  • A duty shift of emergency and social emergency services, equivalent to service levels for public holidays (five people).
  • One person for each Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC).
  • Betevé to guarantee the broadcasting of 50% of news services.
  • A total of 101 members of staff on duty for the Fire Prevention, Extinction and Rescue Service and 100% of staff at the communications centre.
  • One person per support team for children and teenagers.
  • One person at the registry of the Municipal Tax Office.
  • Parks and Gardens, one maintenance and watering team and one for pruning and collecting trees from streets in emergency cases.
  • Different levels of staff at the cemeteries of Collserola, Les Corts, Montjuïc, Poblenou and Sant Andreu.
  • Eleven keepers at the zoo.
  • One or two people, according to needs, for each managerial office at the City Council and at municipal institutes.


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