More affordable dental health for citizens

The process has now started to set up the first municipal dental service, a self-financed and economically sustainable initiative guaranteeing affordable prices for users and decent labour conditions for professionals. The service will start operating at the end of this year, with the capacity to provide services for 36,000 people a year.

10/01/2019 18:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

ADA COLAU: “Barcelona is positioning itself as a pioneer city with the new municipal dental service. Having a healthy mouth is not just about physical health, it’s also a matter of psychological health. We want to guarantee citizens’ basic rights as we believe dental care should be included in the general health system”.

The range of services offered by the new municipal dental service consists of extractions, periodontics, dental hygiene, fillings, root canal treatment, removable and fixed dentures, spreaders and curettages.

The pricing, which ensures the sustainability of the services will range from 55 euros for a filling to 160 euros for root canal treatment and 30 euros for dental hygiene. According to the prices of the three most common types of service, which represent 60% of sessions at private clinics, and in comparison with the study of current prices by the consumer organisation FACUA, it is estimated that prices will be 13% lower than market rates for fillings, 30% lower for root canal treatment and 43% lower for dental hygiene.

The service is being set up with the intention of helping facilitate access to dental care among the population, given that the last health survey in the city showed that only 48.8% of people have been to the dentist in the last year. The figure is much lower among more underprivileged social classes.

All the necessary studies to ensure the legal format and economic sustainability of the service have now been completed. Initial approval from the Commission of Social Rights is required next on 15 January before the proposal is subject to public scrutiny. If deemed appropriate, it will then be definitively approved at the full council meeting in March.

The new municipal initiative, the first of its kind in the Spanish state, complements the free municipal dental service for vulnerable people which started operating last summer.


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