More features for parking apps

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, SA (BSM) is publishing new updates for its parking apps ApparkB and AreaDUM, with improvements such as new tool allowing users to see the immediate availability of parking places in the area they are going to. The new versions also include an automatic messaging system with alerts on possible incidents which affect services.

19/07/2017 17:56h


The enhanced features mean users can access real-time information on parking in regulated zones and receive alerts on possible restrictions or modifications to taxes due to pollution episodes. The ApparkB tool, which enables users to pay for the exact time used to park, also includes versions in English and French, on top of the existing versions in Catalan and Spanish. ApparkB, available for Android and iOS, was launched in 2013 and has been downloaded 254,000 times.

AreaDUM, the app for the smart management of nearly 8,500 parking spaces around the city’s loading and unloading areas (DUM), features the same improvements applied to ApparkB, except for the French and English versions. Since the app was launched in 2015 there have been over 113,000 downloads and nearly 15 million digital parking tickets have been generated.


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