More health, safety and confidence with the Barcelona Safe City project

Barcelona Safe City is an initiative promoting health and safety protocols and certification which adapt to the current health situation and apply to the sectors of commerce, hospitality, culture and tourism. The idea is to generate more confidence among local people and visitors when it comes to getting around, shopping, consumption and the enjoyment of leisure and culture in the city.

12/06/2020 12:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona Safe City is a two-pronged municipal initiative: firstly, it aims to ensure that local people and visitors to the city have practical, updated and accessible health and safety information available to them via a mobile app, and secondly, to advise businesses and professionals with regard to certificates, safety and hygiene protocols and measures which adapt to their activity.

As from July, a specific page within the ‘Barcelona never stops’ website will provide a brief questionnaire for businesses and professionals to check all the information relevant to their sphere of activity.

The municipal company BSM, which manages various concerns such as the Park Güell and the Tibidabo Amusement Park, is the first in the Spanish state to start a certification process to demonstrate compliance with necessary safety and hygiene measures in the post-Covid scenario.

Promoted by Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Safe City project sets out the regulations, guidelines criteria on health, hygiene and tourist safety. The information for companies and tourist organisations comes from the Ministry of Health and the Secretary of State for Tourism, from the UNE 0066 regulations from the Institute for Quality in Tourism, and from the Catalan government’s Directorate-General for Tourism.