More public transport for a better connected city

The roll-out of four new bus routes (D40, V5, V29 and V31) strengthens connections between neighbourhoods and fosters the use of faster, more efficient and user-friendly public transport for a city which prioritises people’s health and welfare. There will also be modifications to eight existing services and two new conventional routes will go into service (136 and 191).

25/10/2017 18:57 h


The extension of the new bus network on 13 November unites neighbourhoods which were not previously connected, offering citizens access to the services they need most, such as hospitals, health centres and other municipal facilities. The new network aims to develop a bus service which allows users to cross the city via more rational and efficient routes.

The new routes allow citizens to get directly from the Roquetes neighbourhood to Pl. Espanya (D40), from Pedralbes to the port (V5), from Roquetes to Diagonal Mar (V29) and from Trinitat Vella to Mar Bella (V31). Two further conventional routes will come into service, the 136 and the 191, and modifications will be made to the routes of eight other services in the city.

The roll-out will be accompanied by a remodelled infrastructure. Nineteen kilometres of new bus lanes will be added, signage will be improved, pavements and curbs will be changed to make bus-stops more accessible and chamfers adapted to guarantee safety when vehicles make turns. “Public transport is not stopping, and to guarantee quality, buses must have priority in the roads, ahead of other forms of transport”, noted the Councillor for Mobility, Mercedes Vidal.

More information, making it easier to get around

A total of 110 information staff will be on hand to help users from 2 to 25 November on buses, at bus-stops and municipal facilities such as hospitals, health centres and day centres for the elderly, so that the changes go as smoothly as possible. Full information on the new services and routes, and the modifications to conventional routes, is also available in the form of leaflets and posters and on the new bus network website.

The remodelling of the bus service will conclude at the end of 2018, when all 28 services making up the new bus network are operational. These services, along with the 43 conventional routes and 27 neighbourhood bus services, will make up a network of 98 routes.

The design of the new bus network was preceded by a participatory process with local residents. In all, there were 29 information and debating sessions, with 1,750 participants and 384 proposals. Citizens also contributed with a hundred ideas via the Decidim.Barcelona platform.


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