More space for bar terraces and outdoor commercial activity

Bars and restaurants will be able to request permission to extend their terraces, with the tax on the use of public space set to drop by 75% until the end of the year. Shops will also have things easier when it comes to organising commercial fairs outside. The idea is to boost local commerce and recover neighbourhood life while guaranteeing health and safety to help tackle the Covid-19 crisis.

06/05/2020 18:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The additional space for establishments will make use of road surfaces and on-street parking spaces, without reducing space for pedestrians, bikes and public transport. This means a helping hand for neighbourhood commerce which is compatible with safe and sustainable public space.

Over 70,000 establishments

Commerce and restaurant services account for 20.4% of jobs in Barcelona, with 61,000 shops and 9,300 bars and restaurants.

The measure, which will increase the use of road surfaces by shops, bars and restaurants, should enable three out of four establishments to keep their terraces 100% operational during the lockdown exit process, which limits the capacity of establishments.

The proposal is being worked on with commercial and restaurant guilds, as well as municipal groups.

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