Municipal markets adapt to remote shopping during the confinement period

Various police patrols stopped outside the main entrances to a dozen municipal markets, in all city districts, using their lights and sirens to pay homage to market workers and recognise the essential services they’re providing to ensure the supply of food.

04/04/2020 17:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

During the confinement period, shopping patterns at markets have changed: the number of face-to-face purchases have dropped, while the volume of online and phone sales with home deliveries has increased.

The vast majority of markets are opting to facilitate purchases by adding new remote shopping channels, in addition to existing ones. Home deliveries are on the rise as a result, with more speedy-purchasing systems being added and free online shopping and delivery for elderly people in the neighbourhood.

Barcelona’s 38 food markets have been working from the very first day the confinement period was decreed, along with the Mercabarna wholesale market. Some 85% of stalls at the city’s markets are open and have been attending to an average of 38,000 face-to-face customers every day between them, besides those placing orders online or by phone.

The city police paid homage to everyone working to provide this essential service, which guarantees the supply of food around the whole city.


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