Municipal support for providers to protect jobs during COVID-19

The Mayoral decree on disruptions to municipal public procurement, approved when the national state of emergency was declared, ensures the continuity of public contracts, the liquidity of providers, particularly SMEs, and strives to maintain jobs.

18/03/2020 17:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

All contracts relating to essential services and those which can be provided remotely under the same conditions will be maintained.

The rest of contracts will remain valid, even though their execution is totally or partially suspended. While that suspension lasts, the payment of hardware, machinery and human resources will be guaranteed, to be able to reactivate them as soon as this becomes possible. When the state of emergency ends, contract execution periods will be extended accordingly.

Requisites for contractors

To maintain hardware, machinery and human resources to be able to handle emergencies, and to guarantee the immediate return to and execution of contracts when requested.

Compensation for contractors in accordance with the substantiation they present. This compensation may be in the form of payments on account only if the contractor produces a declaration or responsibility not to sack workers or to start a process to make redundancies.

A contingency plan must be presented outlining the measures adopted to prevent health risks to staff assigned to the contract.

The various procurement processes currently under way are suspended, with the exception of non-adjournable essential services and those which can be provided remotely.

What contracts are affected?

The Mayoral decree applies to Barcelona City Council and all entities in the municipal group. It also applies to all companies with contracts with the City Council and all those which present candidacies for its tendering processes.

In contrast, the decree does not apply to contracts for public works, which are governed by the Mayoral decree of 14 March 2020, establishing measures for prevention, protection and organisation in relation to the COVID-19 virus.


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