New roadmap for the 22@

The Commission for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility has agreed to the suspension of planning permission for sites in the 22@ neighbourhood which have no existing plan or planning applications currently being processed. The goal is to rethink their use for new economic, housing and municipal purposes. The agreement affects 21.55% of the land in the area and the suspension period will last four months. During that time, action will be defined taking into consideration the input from the participatory process for local people ‘Repensem el 22@’, and the agreement with institutions, economic stakeholders and universities to move toward a more inclusive and sustainable 22@.

18/02/2020 19:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The urban plan for sites in the 22@ area with no planning applications under way will adapt to the needs and demands of the various economic, social, residential and academic stakeholders who share the neighbourhood. The suspension will not affect projects for which planning permission has already been granted.

Boost for the economy and protected housing

Some of the main demands made in the participatory process ‘Repensem el 22@’ include boosting protected housing and municipal facilities to protect the traditional urban fabric of the area and the industrial heritage of Pobelnou.

In terms of economic activity, the agreement to make the 22@ neighbourhood more inclusive and sustainable calls for technological innovation to be strengthened and further backing for the development of the creative industries, the 4.0 industry and the green economy.

Calendar for action

The government measure to define the use of the sites will be presented at the full council meeting for March, enabling the new urban plan for the area to get initial approval in June.


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