New simulator for checking entitlement to social subsidies

A new website has been set up for people to find out what social subsidies they are entitled to, without having to identify themselves and regardless of which administration the subsidies are managed by.

21/12/2018 17:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The purpose of the subsidy simulator is to provide more information, increase transparency, take the stigma out of applying for benefits (it can be checked from home), and facilitate access to different types of subsidies. The idea behind the tool is that there are people who miss out on public subsidies because they lack information on their rights, as well as the complexity of applying for support.

The website works anonymously and once users have introduced their details it calculates which subsidies can be applied for in each case, along with an estimated amount. It also explains the application procedure for each subsidy.

This first stage includes subsidies such as the extraordinary grants for social emergencies for minors up to the age of 16; school dinner grants; active labour insertion income for the long-term unemployed, for victims of gender violence and people with disabilities; guaranteed citizen income and subsidies for the payment of rents.

In all, over two hundred public subsidies are offered by the various administrations. The second stage of the website should see the introduction of the pink card, social discounts for energy supplied, non-contributory pensions, unemployment benefit, subsidies relating to the law on dependency and more.

Collective intelligence tool

Making new digital tools available to empower people and improve communications and knowing how to properly handle general data generated by the same system can help towards more efficient and practical use by professionals and users alike.

Based on 300,000 real cases a collective intelligence tool has been created which groups together requests, problems and available resources to help professionals make decisions. The idea is to improve the day to day work of these professionals and free up working hours for other tasks.