New support points for Covid-19 vaccinations in Barcelona

Nine municipal support points are operating in August and September, helping to facilitate the immunisation process for Covid-19.

03/08/2021 12:10 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new vaccination support points provide help with requesting appointments to get a jab and can be found in the following municipal facilities:

  • CAP Drassanes (Ciutat Vella): Avinguda de les Drassanes, 17-21.
  • Espai Química Joves (Sants-Montjuïc): Carrer de la Química, 8.
  • Biblioteca Juan Marsé (Horta-Guinardó): Carrer de la Murtra, 135.
  • Biblioteca Les Roquetes (Nou Barris): Via Favència, 288B (from 1 August to 10 September).
  • Biblioteca Bon Pastor (Sant Andreu): Carrer d’Estadella, 64.
  • Centre Cívic Baró de Viver (Sant Andreu): Carrer de Quito, 8-10.
  • Biblioteca Trinitat Vella (Sant Andreu): Carrer de Galícia, 16.
  • Centre Cívic Besòs (Sant Martí): Rambla de Prim, 87 (August only).
  • CAP La Pau (Sant Martí): Carrer de Pere Vergés, 3 (until 13 August).

How to request a vaccination appointment?

The vaccination campaign for Covid-19 includes a specific website for people to request an appointment, where users can select a location, day and time to get a jab. You can access the vaccination website here.


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