Payment period for municipal taxes extended until July

The payment period for municipal taxes will be extended in most cases until July to ease the financial strain on families and economic activity in general, as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The Municipal Institute of Tax will have a virtual office in operative within a few days, to provide information and facilitate procedures.

26/03/2020 14:59 h

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Changes to the tax calendar

The deadline for the payment of taxes has been extended beyond the period established by Decree Act 8/2020, of 17 March, for urgent and extraordinary measures to cope with the economic and social impact of Covid-19.

Property tax (IBI)

The deadline for property tax payments by people who don’t pay by direct debit has been put back from 4 May to 3 July. In the case of people who have set up a direct debit for the first payment or who pay in quarterly instalments, the charge corresponding to the second quarter will be made on 3 July instead of 3 June.

Road tax (IVTM)

The deadline for all payments, direct debit or otherwise, is 3 July.

Tax for the private use of public highways (terraces)

All payments, direct debit or otherwise, can be made up to October. Discounts will be applied corresponding to the period the establishment has been unable to carry out their activity as a result of the application of the state of emergency.

Public prices for commercial and industrial waste collection

The deadline for non-direct-debit payments is still 1 December, and 23 December for direct debits. The relevant reduction corresponding to the duration of the state of emergency will be taken into account.

Capital gains

Periods for self-liquidation calculations are unchanged. The deadline for self-liquidation periods with voluntary payments has been extended to 3 July, along with the period for the payment of capital gains.

Postponement and staggered payment of taxes

In the case of the property tax and road tax, payments can be made in instalments with no interest, provided taxpayers request it and instalments conclude in 2020.

In the case of tax on economic activity (IAE), the public price for waste collection and the tax for private use of public highways (terrace tax), payment may be divided into interest-free monthly instalments with a final payment no later than September 2021.

Other tax measures

Liquidations, self-liquidations and mandatory debt enforcement with a payment deadline later than 18 March will be able to be paid up until 3 July. This section includes fees deriving from licences, fines and debts with the City Council.

Virtual office

A new virtual office is opening to advise citizens and companies. The new service substitutes the public-facing office operated by the Municipal Institute of Tax, which is currently closed to comply with the state of emergency. The website will be handling enquiries by email and featuring information on the changes in tax collection, as well as a list of FAQs to help taxpayers. Calls to the 010 phone service relating to municipal taxes will also be referred to the virtual office.

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