Plaça de Josep M. Folch i Torres becomes a meeting point for the Raval’s local residents

Thanks to the square’s reurbanisation, which has been budgeted at 2.6 million euros, public space has been reclaimed, green areas extended and new spaces provided, including a children’s games area and three pétanque courts.

26/12/2017 10:11 h


The new square is over six thousand square metres in area, boasts improved accessibility and has been allocated several specific uses by local residents through a participatory process. First, the square is opening an extensive new green area and second, three pétanque courts have been established as well as an area adapted for young children, located at the centre of the square. There is also an area for recreational activities and a basketball court.

Another initiative scheduled to go ahead, besides the work on Plaça de Josep M. Folch i Torres, is the reurbanisation of Carrer de la Reina Amàlia along its stretch through the square, thereby reclaiming eight-hundred square metres for local residents. A fence belonging to the Milà i Fontanals Institute has already been removed to make way for public use of the area between the centre’s facade and the fence.

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