Platform for open and transparent public procurement

The e-procurement platform, purchased with six other Catalan cities, will allow different municipal councils to manage public purchasing and the procurement of services. This is the first time that different municipalities have joined forces to collaborate in this way. Besides sharing the cost of 3 million euros, the cities will also be able to collaborate to ensure the platform is used properly.

27/11/2018 17:30 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The councils of Gavà, Girona, Granollers, Mataró, Premià de Mar, Terrassa and Barcelona have joined forces to acquire and implement this e-procurement system, which will simplify administrative procedures and cut red tape, as well as boosting transparency, efficiency, agility and objectivity throughout the public procurement process.

The new tool will allow for thorough monitoring of procurement, guaranteeing public access during the whole process and facilitating the online relationship with tendering parties and providers, enabling local SMEs to participate in low-value procurement processes.

The platform will also ensure that offers meet minimum social, environmental and innovation responsibility criteria. This is in keeping with the strategy to reduce the importance of the economic aspect in the decision-making process, which in Barcelona is limited to 35% of the overall score.

This project is expected to be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

New public procurement website

The new public procurement website went into operation in April. It contains full legal and technical information, current news and details relating to sustainable municipal procurement, as well as contractor profiles, tendering processes in progress, contracts awarded and the formalisation of different bodies.


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