Public transport boosted to meet health criteria

Public transport will be boosted by between 40% and 65% as from Tuesday 14 April. Service levels are being stepped up to handle the end of the exceptional restrictions on mobility for non-essential sectors and the increased volume of journeys this will bring. Extra services will be laid on during rush hours, reaching 70% on the busiest lines.

13/04/2020 19:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In the case of TMB, the metro system will be operating as many trains as it has available, with 60% in circulation, increasing to 75% during rush hours and on the lines where demand is highest. The bus network will see service levels reach 50% of normal working days. The increase in services is aimed at ensuring vehicles do not carry more than a third of their total capacities.

Despite the lifting of the exceptional restrictions, people are advised only to use public transport for essential journeys, and that it is particularly unadvisable for people belonging to risk groups to use this means of travel. Anyone needing to travel and unable to go on foot or using their own means of transport is advised to respect safety distances and take extra care with hygiene. The increase in service is particularly aimed at allowing users to maintain safety measures and distances.

The city police and the Catalan police will be collaborating with TMB security services (in the case of the metro and the company’s buses) to conduct an extensive operation, with passenger checks to ensure the state of emergency decree is complied with, as well as to regulate the flow of users on public transport.