Published results of the Omnibus Survey

16/01/2018 14:40 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

The results of the Omnibus Survey of September 2017 have been officially published on our website. Barcelona City Council puts a series of questions to citizens to find out their opinions on the city’s services, in our case anything that may relate to sport and Barcelona. The results were published this Thursday, 11 January and it now time to take stock of the opinions of our citizens, who are the driving force behind change in the city.

The topic of analysis was Sport in public spaces. More than half of the city’s residents believe that it is sufficiently or very easy to do sport in the city’s public spaces (58.8%), a percentage up by 5.7 points on the previous year. Local residents from Sant Martí and Nou Barris (72.2% and 68.1%, respectively) are those who believe it is very easy. Whereas residents from Eixample (48.2%) and Les Corts (48.6%) do not believe it is so easy. As for age groups, young people, aged 16 to 24, are the ones who are most convinced that it is easy to do sport in public spaces (65%), whereas those aged 65 and over the least convinced of this (49.9%).

On the other hand, the availability of space for doing sport is the main reason for thinking that it is easy to do sport in the city’s public spaces (88.2%). By contrast, those who do not find it so easy provide several main reasons for this. The most important is the lack of suitable places to do sport in (65.7%). This is followed, to a lesser extent, by the view of traffic and pollution (24.6%) and overcrowding in these spaces (12.1%).

We at the Barcelona Institute of Sports wish to express our happiness with the general well-being shown by the population over the issue raised and our commitment to continue making improvements in this area so that everyone who is still not satisfied can become so in the near future.