Recognition and more resources for the city’s firefighters

Coinciding with the day of their patron saint, Sant Joan de Déu, the city’s firefighters were awarded traditional genoveves, the fire engines used by the service in the 1920s. The awards were made to staff who retired in the last year, along with bronze medals for those who completed 25 years of service. The service is also due to get new vehicles and personnel.

07/03/2018 18:01 h


In a formal act, the Mayor, Ada Colau, thanked the firefighters for their professionalism, commitment to the public and for being wherever they are needed. She also called for a stronger women’s presence in the service, particularly at command levels.

The Mayor also recognised the collaboration of two members of external bodies in emergency planning and civil protection for incidents with multiple victims: Dr. Ervigio Corral, Head of the Department of Training and Care Quality with the SAMUR – Civil Protection, operated by Madrid City Council, and Lt. Col. Lionel Lamarque, Head of the General Office of the Paris Fire Brigade.

In 2017, the fire service acted on 18,474 occasions, 9.22% more than the previous year. Of these, 5,890 actions were rescue operations, the service being on hand with five minutes of being called out.

More resources, more safety

This year will see 79 new places opened up for firefighters, as well as an internal promotion process for a total of 94 posts, the largest of its kind in recent years.

In addition, eighteen new vehicles were recently purchased and will form part of the service fleet, along with a further eight to come later, representing an overall investment of over 5 million euros.


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