Regulating capacity at the beaches during stage 2

The first weekend of the summer season at the city’s beaches coincides with stage 2 of the lockdown exit process. It’s important to avoid build-ups of people and to respect the rest of the measures established by the health authorities. To do this, beachgoers should check the occupancy levels at the beach before going there, respect the 2-metre safety distance between people and follow the instructions from information staff regarding the distribution of people and groups on the sand. The PA system will be giving information if there are build-ups of people at certain points, and on the main measures and recommendations.

13/06/2020 09:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Before going to the city’s beaches it’s important to check the occupancy level using the website on the city’s beaches, which contains updated information on the volume of people at each beach:

  • Green indicator: low density, less than 40%.
  • Yellow indicator: normal density, between 40% and 60%.
  • Orange indicator: high density, between 60% and 80%, users recommended to go to beaches with fewer people.
  • Red indicator: very high density, over 80%.

All beaches will have an information officer, who will be tasked with helping to distribute people on the sand so that the established safety distances for the current lockdown exit stage can be maintained.

It’s important for people not to crowd the shoreline. Access to the groynes at the city’s beaches is prohibited.

Beach services

  • Sea rescue and lifeguard service: active at all the beaches.
  • Showers and foot-washing facilities: operational at all beaches but for individual use only. There’s also a public toilet at each beach.
  • The Beach Centre: open to provide information and support for the public, but on-site activities have not yet resumed.
  • Assisted bathing service: this service is not available during stage 2.
  • Dog beach: open to the public following the same general criteria in terms of capacity and public health measures.

Sport at the beach

Anyone wishing to go to the beach to do sport between 10 am and 6 pm should go to the three open sports zones at the Nova Icària, Bogatell and Mar Bella beaches. Users are free to do sport at any of the beaches during other hours of the day.

Children’s play areas and sports areas are sealed off during the current stage and consequently cannot be used.


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