Repair work under way at the groynes affected by Storm Gloria

Storm Gloria caused damage to beaches, sea defences and groynes along the city’s coast in January. Work to repair the groynes at the Mar Bella and Bogatell beaches got under way on 1 July and will take three months.

01/07/2020 12:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The work mainly consists of repairing or replacing damaged elements, such as the concrete blocks, rip-rap and reinforced concrete slabs making up the groynes. The repairs will help prevent beach erosion and protect city infrastructures such as the seafront.

Besides these repairs, urgent work which was interrupted in March by the state of emergency are back under way again. One example is the work on the sea wall protecting the Port del Fòrum.

Disruptions during the work

  • Monitored access lanes to be set up for heavy machinery, taking up a large part of the two groynes.
  • Traffic disrupted around the nautical base at the Mar Bella beach.
  • Access route for emergency vehicles to be marked out.


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