Resources for finding work in Barcelona

Barcelona Activa offers various programmes and services to help different groups of people find work. Resources range from labour guidance and advice to education and training programmes which help people connect with companies looking for staff.

28/01/2021 11:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Labour advice services

Employment Information Service. Personalised face-to-face support, with an appointment or by phone, from 8 am to 8 pm. More information:

Online itineraries and activities for jobseekers. Check the sessions and the calendar at:

See jobseeker itineraries:

Ubicat. Programme for inclusion in labour insertion and occupational support. This is aimed at people out of work, inactive or working, particulalry those with labour insecurity. More information:

  • Phone: 608 573 263
  • Email:

Guidance and career changes. Activities to define new professional goals and help change sectors and/or jobs.

More information on activities and the calendar at:

Work in the neighbourhoods. The labour advice points for jobseekers provide personalised support and are located in the different neighbourhoods covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

Check the location of the different advice points at:

Job schemes

30 plus programme. An initiative to put unemployed people over the age of 30 in touch with companies seeking staff and facilitate access to the job market with a work contract of at least six months. More information:

  • Email:

Employment plans. Work and training programmes offer work contracts and training for people out of work, to help them back into the labour market or provide them with a first work experience. More information:

Trans employment programme. A social and labour insertion programme aimed at trans people. The goal of this programme is to help reduce the added difficulties faced by the collective when it comes to finding job opportunities. More information:

Job search spaces. Open-access spaces to find job vacancies, adapt CVs and prepare for recruitment processes with personalised support from job search professionals. More information at:

Job vacancies managed by Barcelona Activa. Users need to sign up first to the Business Employment Platform: More information at:

Resources for young people between 16 and 29 to find work

Young People’s Employment Mentors (ROJ) advise all sorts of young people, with special attention for unqualified people.

  • Whatsapp: 607 078 756

Registration at:

The main aims of the Barcelona Activa trade schemes are to provide professional training and labour insertion for young people between 16 and 29. This year’s schemes combine three months of subsidised training with a six-month work placement with a contract. More information:

  • Email:

Labour coaching. Barcelona Treball offers an online group advice process to provide support for young jobseekers.

Professional openings at local shops and markets. This programme offers training at Mercabarna for people to work as assistants specialising in food products at the city’s markets and in local shops. More information at:

Job vacancies managed by Barcelona Activa. Users need to sign up first to the Business Employment Platform: More information at:


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