Responsible adoption in response to the abandoning of cats and dogs

The Barcelona Pet Refuge Centre (CAACB) rescued over 1,400 cats and dogs last year which had been abandoned in the street. Twenty concrete figures have been located around the city to raise public awareness and to promote the adoption and responsible ownership of pets.

11/04/2018 18:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Two concrete dogs can be found in the streets of each district over the next few days, bringing people’s attention to the worrying figures on pets abandoned in the city. In 2017, the CAACB handled 1,400 of the 2,000 cats and dogs found abandoned. The centre takes in homeless animals, guaranteeing their welfare and managing adoption processes to ensure successful integration into a new home. The centre also runs a lost animal service to help families find their animals. Thanks to adoption and awareness campaigns, the entity found homes for 745 dogs and 516 cats last year. Even so, over 200 dogs are still in shelter, 70 of which have been waiting for their chance for over a year.

The CAACB offers citizens a portal to see the profiles of the animals currently in search of a home and to promote responsible adoption. Besides information on the necessary procedures, the site also has an appointment service to visit the centre.


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