Sewerage and drainage systems to be adapted to reduce the risks posed by the climate emergency

The new sewerage and water management plan is designed to halve the risks posed by the climate emergency, including an anticipated 17% rise in torrential rainfall. The new model will start being implemented now and developed over the next eighty years.

11/07/2020 10:53 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Initial action for the new improvement plan

  • Expansion of the large rainwater interception system in Av. Diagonal.
  • Execution of the third stage of the drainage gully in Av. Paral·lel.
  • Construction of the underground tank in Rambla de Prim​.

In addition, over the coming decade, 200 km the local sewerage network will be renewed, along with 38 km of large capacity sewers

The number of tanks is also set to be quadrupled to handle excess water, making a total of 66, and 180 hectares of rainwater drainage systems will be implemented to take the strain off the sewerage system.

More prepared for the climate emergency

The new plan is aimed at halving the risks associated with the climate emergency and helping to tackle the challenges resulting from:

  • Rises in temperatures.
  • The drop in available water.
  • Increased torrential rain and flooding.
  • Beach erosion.
  • Protection of the marine and rainwater ecosystem.
  • The move towards sustainable systems.

The goal is also to achieve a 60% cut in pollution caused by overflowing sewers.