Shock plan for the taxi sector

The Covid-19 health crisis and the lockdown have led to a drop in journeys made using the various types of transport in the city. In a move to adapt the taxi sector to mobility during the different stages of the lockdown exit and regain economic sustainability and feasibility, Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Metropolitan Taxi Institute, in coordination with taxi drivers’ associations, are promoting a shock plan with ten short and medium term measures.

12/05/2020 16:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plan contains measures to adapt the sector to the new forms of mobility during the lockdown exit stages and to ensure hygiene and safety measures for taxi journeys.

One of the main points in the plan is the creation of a public mobile app for the entire fleet of taxis in the metropolitan area, enabling professionals to receive journey requests and to be able to contact users online or by phone. At present, only half of taxi drivers can be contacted via apps or via radio. They will also have access to telematic support, along with an e-window to conduct procedures relating to the profession.

Another measure is the application of hygiene and disinfection protocols for vehicles and protection systems, with face masks obligatory to protect taxi drivers and users during journeys.

In order for taxi services to match the needs of users, a study will be carried out on new forms of mobility which appear from now on in metropolitan cities. This will enable the network of taxi ranks in the main locations to be adapted to meet demand.

The shock plan also includes other measures to help with the modernisation of the fleet and a one-year moratorium for vehicles which need to be renewed as they are ten years old.




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