Smart tags all around the bus and metro network to make it more accessible

The entire metro and bus network now has 9,100 smart tags with coloured QR codes to help the visually impaired get their bearings using a mobile phone. Besides improving accessibility on public transport, the system enables all users to access cultural content and information of interest to the public.

21/04/2021 14:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 161 metro-stops and 2,600 bus-stops in the city now have smart tags with coloured QR codes which users can access digitally for service information and different content.

Using the NaviLens app, phones can scan the tags easily without the need to know exactly where they are, and using the voice assistant users can access signage on the public transport network to get around safely.

What information do the tags include?

At bus-stops: the name and code for the stop, which services stop there, the destination of each of them, waiting times for the next vehicle and possible changes or disruptions to services.

In metro stations: in entrances, foyers, sales areas, turnstiles, stairs, lifts, platforms, interphones and boarding points.

More content

Using the TMB Go app, these smart tags provide access to other content of general interest, such as headlines and news, audiobooks, the city agenda, English practice, historic events, promotions and rewards on the JoTMBé points scheme and many more surprises.

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