State schools in the city to be repainted every six years

The city’s 153 state primary schools, three special education schools and five school institutes are to be repainted and have maintenance work carried out on them every six years, harmonising the appearance of quality public education centres. Neutral colours will be used to maximise the sense of space, serenity and light.

21/03/2018 12:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The programme has been designed to establish specific chromatic parameters to be applied to all centres, avoiding strident colours normally associated with children’s facilities and accentuating materials, textures and the use of natural and artificial light to optimise tranquillity and comfort.

Each school has been offered a range of warm, homely and placid colours contributing to comfort and wellbeing.

Barcelona City Council is to make a corresponding annual investment of 3 million euros via the Barcelona Education Consortium, which will enable thirty centres to be painted each year. So far 32 schools have been painted, with 25 more due to be repainted in 2018 and a further 35 in 2019. The aim is for no education centre to go more than six years without being repainted.

The idea is to set out criteria for improving wall coatings and paintwork around the city’s state schools to ensure optimum quality of spaces and maintain it in the future.

The breakdown of the number of schools repainted in 2016 and 2017 and those to be painted this year and next is as follows:

By district: centres painted in 2017- prevision for 2018 – prevision for 2019

  • Ciutat Vella: 2-4-2
  • L’Eixample: 2-3-1
  • Sants-Montjuïc: 1 (2016) – 5-4-5
  • Les Corts: 1-1-2
  • Sarrià – Sant Gervasi: 4-1-1
  • Gràcia: 1 (2016) – 2-3-3
  • Horta-Guinardó: 1 (2016) – 4-4-3
  • Nou Barris: 5-1-6
  • Sant Andreu: 4-2-4
  • Sant Martí: 3-2-8

The full list of centres can be found here.


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