Street calming completed around Mercat de Sants

Work to revamp the combination of C/ Sant Frederic, C/ Casteràs and C/ Càceres has now been completed, as has the work in C/ Riera d'Escuder and C/ Jocs Florals, giving pedestrians priority and boosting the commerce in the immediate area. The work also helped improve accessibility, lighting, trees and urban furniture.

07/01/2018 14:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In all five streets, curbless paving has been laid and priority inverted following the same criteria and style as all of the other thoroughfares in the vicinity of the market. That means the Sant Frederic-Casteràs-Càceres combination has a single-level surface running from C/ Riera Blanca as far as Rambla de Badal, and from the latter as far as C/ Sant Medir.

The work also allowed for new trees, LED lighting, new signage and urban furniture, and meant services previously installed overhead or on building facades could be shifted underground. Urban elements were also cleared from street corners to allow service vehicles to be able to turn more easily.