Streets with more life, more green zones and more space for residents in Les Corts

Streets and neighbourhoods which are more human, have more life, are greener and have fewer cars. This will soon be the description for the block between Trav. Les Corts, C/ Riera Blanca, Av. Madrid and Gran Via de Carles III, in the neighbourhood of La Maternitat i Sant Ramon, following the roll-out of the superblock programme in the Les Corts district.

01/01/2018 10:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Following initial preparations during the last term of office, the Les Corts superblock is now in the final stage before becoming operative. Work will be carried out in C/ Conxita Supervia, C/ Benavent, C/ Regent Mendieta, C/ Pintor Pahissa and C/ Comte Güell, the aim being to gain pedestrian space and reduce space for private vehicles. This urban planning goal translates as a social function to promote interaction between local residents, facilitating outdoor life and recreation, and gaining in terms of health in general.

Conxita supervia

This street, between Gran Via de Carles III and C/ Comandant Benítez, will become a 120-metre long pedestrianised space, with no traffic except for service vehicles and with more limited parking. Dunes will be used to redefine the layout of the street and a route will be created which ends with an agora, an assembly area in front of the façade of the Centre Cívic Joan Oliver “Pere Quart”. As for greenery, new parterres will be installed with trees and bushes.

Work is already under way in this street and should conclude in August.


The section between C/ Felipe de Paz and Av. Madrid will keep a single lane for vehicles and a row of parking spaces on the side nearest the Llobregat river. The pavement on the side nearest the Besòs river, however, will gain space for pedestrians and a large area featuring vegetation along the entire length. The strip of vegetation will only be interrupted by access points to car parking and spaces where individual benches will be installed. At the same time, mobility and accessibility needs will be adapted and street lighting and paving will be renewed.

Work in C/ Benavent starts this month and should be completed in May.

Regent Mendieta

In C/ Regent Mendieta, between C/ Riera Blanca and C/ Comte Güell, curbless paving will be laid, completing work started in the last term of office. The transformation obliges vehicles to reduce their speed and priority will go to pedestrians. As in the other cases, street lighting will be improved, as will paving and accessibility, and architectural barriers will be removed. The acacia trees in the street will be replaced by smaller species in order to prevent the current trees affecting buildings in the street.

The transformation of this section begins this month and should be completed by May.

Pintor Pahissa and Comte Güell

The final stage of work for the Maternitat i Sant Ramon superblock is due to get under way after the summer. This final stage consists of transforming C/ Pintor Pahissa and C/ Comte Güell into curbless streets with priority for pedestrians, and for the area between C/ Arizala, Trav. Les Corts, C/ Riera Blanca and Av. Madrid to be ready.