Subsidies to boost creativity and innovation

New grant call for creative and innovative ITC projects in the city to boost new means of communication, virtual and augmented reality and new learning technologies.

27/09/2018 13:08 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A call has been opened for a competitive procedure to invest in information and communications technology (ICT) in 2018. The call for ICT subsidies is specifically designed to boost experimental and innovative projects which explore new languages and methodologies relating to culture and digital creativity.


The grant call establishes three categories:

  • New means of communication:
    • Transmedia proposals promoting the visualisation and knowledge of the city’s cultural heritage.
    • Historical memory recovery projects through local cultural productions, such as videos and leisure routes to collect and display intangible heritage.
    • Projects to help develop services, functionality and new environments applied to digital creativity.
  • Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)
    • Augmented and/or virtual reality to introduce the local area from an artistic and/or historical memory perspective.
    • Projects promoting the use of VR, AR and MR in the fields of performing arts, new content formats and displays.
    • Projects using VR, AR and MR applied to spheres such as tourism, architecture, urban planning, mobility, energy efficiency and textile design.
  • Learning technologies
    • Projects fostering learning and personal improvement in spheres such as the promotion of reading, improved accessibility and usability research.
    • Projects relating to the visualisation and handling of complex data in decision-making.
    • Technology-based projects to help learning processes and knowledge sharing.

Application method and period

This year’s application period is from 6 to 28 September 2018.

Applications can be presented online or in person at the registry at the Barcelona Institute of Culture (La Rambla, 99, 4ª planta, 08002 Barcelona), or at the registry at any Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC) operated by the City Council.

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