T-usual sales up by 67%

The new public transport tickets introduced in January and offering options for regular and occasional users has prompted a major sales increase in the number of monthly tickets sold for regular users (67%), compared to a 26% drop in the use of the T-casual, which enables users to make ten journeys in one year.

07/02/2020 18:27 h

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The new integrated pricing for public transport, introduced in January this year, reduced prices for frequent-use tickets, among them the new T-usual, to boost regular use of public transport. The new pricing by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) did away with the T-10, T-50/30, T-70/30 and T-trimestre tickets.

Use of T-usual and T-jove cards is up, while use of the T-casual is down

In January 2019, the first month the new system was in use, sales of the T-usual rose by 67% compared to the total sales of the former monthly and quarterly tickets, the T-mes, T-50/30 and the T-trimestre.

At the same time, sales of the T-jove were up by 75%. The cost of the T-jove, the quarterly pass for under 25s, dropped from 105 euros to 80 euros under the new pricing system.

As for the T-casual, for occasional users, sales of this ticket are down by 26% compared to the sales figures for the former T-10 card at the start of 2019.

When it comes to other occasional-use tickets, sales have doubled compared to last year for the T-dia, a unipersonal ticket offering unlimited travel for 24 hours, while demand for the T-grup is down by 30%.

Finally, demand for discounted frequent-use tickets for single-parent families, large families and the unemployed is up by 35% compared to last year.


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