New Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men for 2020-2023

A Full City Council Meeting has unanimously approved the 3rd Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men for 2020-2023, a reference document that sets out the strategic lines for combating sex- or gender-based inequality and discrimination and which boosts the municipal commitment to achieving effective equality.

20/12/2019 18:06 h

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The new plan establishes the roadmap and lines to follow for equal treatment and opportunities between women and men for the next four years. It also sets out the specific measures and actions to be taken for ensuring these goals, which will apply to not just the City Council but also independent bodies and signatory organisations to the Employment Conditions Agreement.

Divided up into seven strategic areas of action, the document includes a total of 19 framework measures that promote mutual respect between women and men:

  • Institutional culture: establishing equal treatment and opportunities as the organisation’s basic and cross-cutting principles, which apply to decision-taking processes and the Management of people and actions that affect municipal workers.
  • Remunerative policy and structure: one of the plan’s strategic lines is centred on reducing the salary gap, which the last equality plan set at 15.85% (a slightly lower figure than that estimated for the whole city, at 21.9%).
  • People-management processes: the new equality plan incorporates measures for breaking the glass ceiling; reviewing the value of jobs to avoid differences between women and men, and incentivising the presence of women in strongly masculinised areas, such as the Guàrdia Urbana [city police force] or the Fire Brigade, preventing segregation in job-access tests and incentivising equality in internal promotions.
  • Balance in personal, family and work life: aimed at ensuring equal enjoyment of a balance in personal and work life and preventing the penalisation of women.
  • Occupational-risk prevention and health monitoring: including the gender perspective in these areas to ensure a health and risk-free environment, bearing in mind the specific health conditions of women.
  • Prevention of sexual or sex-based harassment: including an action protocol against the harassment of women, a basic and effective institutional tool that disciplines gender violence.
  • Communication, language and corporate image: giving continuity to the institutionalisation of inclusive and non-sexist practices in the use of language and images which raise the profile of women and gender diversity.

Where can I consult the 3rd Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men for 2020-2023?

You can access the entire document.

What other municipal strategies are there on gender policies?

The Area of Feminism and Sexual and Gender Diversity has been implementing several plans, measures and protocols over the last four years to promote equality and non-dscrimination, such as the “No callem” [We won’t keep quiet] protocol and the Plan for Gender Justice for 2016-2020.

Is there an institutional manual on inclusive communication?

The City Council has two reference documents for promoting communication free of stereotypes and prejudices: the Inclusive Communication Guide and the Guide to non-sexist use of language.

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