The general subsidy call for 2022 opens

Applications can be made online until 27 January. A total of over 21 million euros will be available for 104 subsidy categories in 26 areas, with animal welfare added this year as a new area.

06/01/2022 11:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The budgetary item for subsidies has grown by 3.4% compared to last year, and 45.4% compared to 2015. Budgets for subsidies which were not included have been unified with the general call to make the application procedure simpler and facilitate access.

The general subsidy call is intended to provide support for projects, activities and services at a district or citywide level which promote and enhance social cohesion, inclusion, diversity, participation, community action, cooperation, sustainability, the fight against climate change, the local economy, responsible consumption and citizen welfare and rights.

Assistance with applications

A calendar of information sessions has been scheduled and is divided into spheres and districts, providing support for organisations and individuals. Assistance will be available from some managing bodies, particularly in the districts, and advice provided from the Torre Jussana.

Applications must be submitted via the City Council’s procedures website by 27 January.

The 26 areas in the call are:

  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Education and culture
  • Health and care
  • Elderly people
  • Women
  • Teenagers and youth
  • Childhood
  • Active democracy and citizen participation
  • Community action and associations
  • Immigration, shelter and refuge
  • Civil behaviour and coexistence
  • Promotion of organisational activities
  • Local commerce and economic promotion
  • People with disabilities
  • Democratic innovation
  • Time uses
  • Religious and convictional pluralism
  • Ecology, urban planning and mobility
  • Consumption
  • Care for the homeless and the right to a proper diet
  • Citizen rights
  • Promotion of the intercultural perspective
  • Science and universities
  • Animal welfare

More information on the general subsidy call for 2022.