Roadmap for a sustainable food system in 2030

Work is under way to draft the Barcelona Sustainable Food Strategy 2030, which will act as a roadmap for food policies over the next eight years. The document is also intended as a tool for fighting the climate emergency and providing continuity for activities and projects developed last year when the city was the world sustainable food capital.

20/01/2022 14:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The roadmap will set out the vision, goals, areas of work and some examples which must guide the transformation of Barcelona’s food system in the most immediate future and also in the long term.

The first step was a plenary debate involving representatives from public institutions, the world of science, the private sector, civil society, all municipal groups and communication professionals.

Three such meetings will take place during the drafting process, as well as various sectoral and topical sessions, an internal session with the different areas of the City Council, an exchange session with other municipalities and an open process to look at the strategy with the public. Various participation and representation spaces have also been established.

The main goals pursued by the Barcelona Sustainable Food Strategy 2030, shared with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, are to:

  • Prepare a favourable context for efficient action (governance).
  • Promote sustainable diets and nutrition.
  • Ensure social and economic equity.
  • Promote food production.
  • Improve food supply and distribution.
  • Reduce food waste.

The goal is for the strategy to be completed after the summer.

Over 200 activities, 100,000 attendees and 90 projects

Barcelona was the world sustainable food capital in 2021, with events such as Sustainable Food Week, promoting ideas and projects for healthier and more sustainable eating, and the seventh Global Forum on the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. Other initiatives included the municipal food support system through the Alimenta programme, education projects such as “Ara, aquí, les escoles”, with the participation of 2,500 children, the Seasons Menu, with 166 bars and restaurants taking part, the promotion of the Comerços Verds programme to facilitate access to locally farmed organic produce at markets, plus the opening of Europe’s biggest wholesalers’ market for organic food at Mercabarna.


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