New advice service on contracting financial products

The Municipal Office for Consumer Information (OMIC) has opened up a new free virtual space to handle enquiries and offer guidance for citizens, SMEs and the self-employed on contracting banking products and loans. The service will help users detect abusive clauses and bad practice by the finance sector.

10/05/2020 10:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Members of the public, companies and the self-employed can submit their queries and complaints on financial products, such as contracting ICO loans, via the OMIC website. The municipal office, in collaboration with the finance user association ASUFIN, will assess the products and conditions offered by the credit entity and whether there are any abusive or irregular clauses. Barcelona City Council will make any bad practice in the finance sector known to the Bank of Spain and the ministries for the economy and for consumer affairs.

The OMIC has set up a specific channel for companies and the self-employed via the email address

Increase in consumer-related enquiries during the state of emergency for Covid-19

Consumer-related enquiries to the 010 municipal helpline increased by 68.22% in March and April, compared to the same two months last year. During this period the OMIC received 858 queries and complaints, of which 127 (15%) were in connection with the Covid-19 health emergency. Since the state of emergency was declared, most queries have been with regard to the cancellation of products and services contracted, payment moratoriums for mortgages and rents, service quotas and financial support measures to pay for utilities.


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