3rd Espai Làbora Networking Meeting

05/05/2017 14:59 h

Toni Duarte Blanco

On Monday, 15 May, El Born CCM hosts the 3rd Espai Làbora Networking Meeting. An initiative by the Làbora programme, which helps boost employment among those with the most difficulties finding work, the event will involve all bodies involved in the programme: City Council and third sector representatives, people on the programme and collaborating companies.

The City Council will preside over the opening act and award the Làbora seal to collaborating companies and entities, in recognition of their commitment to employing people at risk of social exclusion in the city.

Throughout the day, the networking area will see tens of companies conducting individual and group interviews with over four hundred candidates on the programme, who will have the chance to find work or form part of a job pool.

The Làbora programme is designed to boost employment among people with the most difficulties in finding work. It is led by the City Council’s Municipal Social Services Institute and involves social entities represented by the Catalan Social Action Entities (ECAS), the Catalan Federation of Insertion Companies (FEICAT) and the Catalan Red Cross, as well as the city’s business network.

Thanks to the Làbora programme, companies can find the person who best suits their labour needs, in line with skills-based employment criteria. Network activity between social services and a team of experts allows for advice and support to be offered in selecting the best profile and providing personalised support for people to adapt to their new jobs.

Companies and entities from the Barcelona metropolitan area have the chance to take part in an innovative city project, which backs social inclusion, linking them to an initiative for corporate social responsibility.


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