An antidote for long-term unemployment

One in four people registered on the shock plan against long-term unemployment has found work since the plan was put into operation at the start of 2016. A total of 400 people who had been out of work for over two years have been able to get back into work thanks to vocational training and personalised guidance.

19/09/2017 20:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A total of 1,718 people are registered on the project and receive help in identifying work opportunities, as well as personalised support in putting together an action plan to search for work. Training is also a key part of the shock plan, which from the outset offered 140 different classroom-based courses and is preparing a further 60, catering for 800 people up until the end of the year.

Access to online training

In order to facilitate access to training for all users and resolve temporary incompatibilities, Barcelona Activa has designed ten new online courses for job searching and professional improvement and will be publishing them as a pilot scheme as from the second half of September. The range of courses on offer should also number fifty for the final quarter of the year.

Prioritising strategies to stop long-term unemployment

Barcelona’s employment strategy, headed by Barcelona Activa, is focusing its attention on groups with more specific needs and which are in the most vulnerable situations. Because of this, four million euros has been allocated to the shock plan against long-term unemployment.

According to the report compiled by Barcelona Activa, long-term unemployment stands at 26.1%, over a quarter of all unemployment in Barcelona, mainly affecting people over 45. Six out of ten are women.


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