Can Batlló and Can Ricart consolidated as social and cultural centres

Approval has been given for two former industrial complexes in the city to be given over for cultural and social use by local residents and associations. Three buildings in the Can Ricart complex will be ceded to the Fundació Privada AAVC for a creation factory as part of the Hangar project, while different sections of Can Batlló will be given over for community use by the Associació Espai Comunitari i Veïnal Autogestionat.

12/12/2018 17:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The concession of Can Batlló is for a period of thirty years, with the option of two 10-year extensions. The City Council will take responsibility for utilities, renovation, major maintenance and safety, while the association will take care of insurance costs, taxes relating to the licence and the upkeep of the premises, as well as guaranteeing universal access to the site and its activities.

It is calculated that for each euro of municipal investment in Can Batlló the city will benefit by over 5 euros.

Creation factory in Poblenou

At Can Ricart, buildings 1, 2 and 3 in the industrial complex are being ceded for a period of fifteen years (renewable) to consolidate the creation factory for visual arts and multimedia being promoted by the Hangar project. The initiative provides support for all sorts of art projects, resident artists having their own workshops. In addition, thanks to technology labs, art collectives can also develop group projects based on new technologies.

The details of clauses regulating both licences will now be subject to a public scrutiny period of 30 days and if no objections are lodged they will be definitively approved.


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