Over seven million euros for international cooperation

This year’s municipal budget includes a record 7.07 million euros for cooperation and education projects for global justice. Since 2015, Barcelona has fulfilled the international commitment to devote 0.7% of its municipal budget to international cooperation projects.

20/02/2020 17:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This year’s call includes a specific new category earmarking 200,000 euros for environmental justice projects. This will be used to fund action on awareness, dissemination and communication so that citizens are fully aware of the real effects of the climate emergency. The sum comes in addition to the 200,000 euros in subsidies established in the Climate Plan.

The call anticipates ten categories for projects grouped into three programmes: ‘Cooperation for global justice’, ‘Cooperation for global justice in specific cities’ and ‘Education for global justice’. Each entity can present up to four projects maximum and the amount of the subsidy from the City Council cannot exceed 80%.

This is the second subsidy call made within the framework of the Cooperation for Global Justice Master Plan 2018-2121. Projects have until 27 February to apply. Full information can be found here.


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