Boosting new attractions to decentralise tourism

A new measure has been designed to create new appeal and new content to improve mobility and sustainability in tourism. The main goal is to decentralise tourism and diversify its socio-economic contribution to reduce negative impacts for crowded places.

19/01/2020 12:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A series of initiatives will be started to achieve this, organised into six areas of action:

  • Redefinition and broadening of tourist options in the city, fostering the creation of attractive new proposals, particularly relating to creative sectors, culture, art, gastronomy, sciences and the local territory.
  • New annual project ‘Barcelona International District’, making the case for iconic assets in the city and creating new perspectives and tourist attractions in all the city’s districts.
  • Rethink to tourist mobility, redefining the routes followed by the tourist bus and occasional buses to decongest zones with the highest volumes of tourism.
  • Take on the technological development needed to anticipate tourist visits, improve planning, anticipate volumes of visitors, reduce queues and offer alternatives.
  • Incorporation of new working scenarios in the tourism sector, with agreements with the private sector and festivals, events in the creative, art and culture sectors to devise new options for visitors and local people.
  • Incorporation of new content and opportunities for tourism in the metropolitan area, with agreements with nearby cities to get them onto the Barcelona tourist map.

A change of the tourism model will also be sought to reduce passive tourism, relating   to sun, sand and partying, and boost aspirational tourism, which seeks experiences relating to culture, gastronomy, architecture and sports.

An overall annual budget of 4.2 million euros has been earmarked for all these initiatives, to be raised from the municipal surcharge on the tax on overnight stays at tourist accommodation, approved by the Government of Catalonia.

The measure will be presented at the session by the Commission for Economy and Tax on Wednesday 22 January.


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