Live music in markets and shopping hubs with ‘Sons de Ciutat’

‘Sons de Ciutat’ is the new programme to take live music to markets and shopping hubs in the city, adding vitality and promoting local economic activity and commerce. Over the next six months, 94 Barcelona bands will be offering 200 small-format concerts at 82 locations around the city’s ten districts.

27/09/2022 14:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Sons de Ciutat takes place over three different periods:


From 1 October to 19 November, at 12 noon on Saturdays, there’s a chance to enjoy performances from 21 city groups and artists: Bad Decisions (folk, blues, pop); Carlota Flâneur (pop), Carmen i Maria (jazz flamenco), Coplas por Ocaña (copla), Da Souza (pop), Daniel Lumbreras (pop, folk), Hip Horns Brass Collective (brass band), Holmes Quartet (wind), Joan Colomo (pop, singer-songwriter), Joina (rap, soul, pop), La Ludwig Band (folk, popular), Landry (family), Marc Suárez (singer-songwriter, flamenco fusion), Maruja Limón (flamenco, pop), Miguel Ramos Trio (jazz), Mirla Riomar Trio (Brasil, jazz, soul), Ngomez Nokass (African percussion), Nick June (indie, folk, rock), Pau Lebowski (pop, jazz), Tribu do Choro (Brasil, jazz) and Xics’n’Roll Band (rock).


From December to January there are concerts to coincide with the Christmas season. Last year’s ‘Sons de Nadal’ provided inspiration for the longer programme now being offered. These concerts will be from Thursdays to Sundays, in mornings and afternoons.


In February, March and April, live music returns at 12 noon on Saturdays.

The programme includes music in a wide variety of styles, including jazz, indie, pop, rock, classical music, urban sounds, electronic music, world music, brass bands and singer-songwriters, all assembled with the help of nine musical entities in the city: Primavera Labels by Primavera Sound, Sónar, Quesoni, L’Afluent, Taller de Músics, Conservatori Superior del Liceu, Associació de Músics de Jazz i Música Moderna, Escola Superior Jam Session and Associació Coincidències.

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