More investment to the drive the audiovisual sector in the city

A government measure presented today is aimed at broadening promotion and investment possibilities for the audiovisual industry in Barcelona. The new plan is the result of an agreement with stakeholders in this sector in the city, which accounts of 57.1% of jobs and 61.7% of audiovisual companies employing workers in Catalonia.

09/02/2024 12:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The government measure forecasts an annual growth in investment of between 1.5 and 2 million euros, which will be used to strengthen a sector with strategic value at both a local and an international level.

An audiovisual board will be created to provide continuity for the work of those involved in designing this measure, create opportunities for dialogue and respond to the needs of the industry.

Notable strategy areas planned in the measure include:

  • Promoting training for audiovisuals professionals.
  • Fostering programmes to retain and internationalise Barcelona talent.
  • Driving research into technical and digital applications, such as the creation of content for commercial distribution in the sphere of augmented reality and immersive audiovisuals, or the implementation of a joint plan for facilities and heritage centres in Barcelona to become spaces for the generation and presentation of new projects and formats.
  • Developing joint programmes between Barcelona Cultura and Barcelona Activa.
  • Incentivising internationalisation with measures such as the creation of an arts triennial that helps Barcelona lead the way in the dissemination of new visual creation. Work will also be carried out to guarantee the continued presence of the city at international audiovisual fairs and markets, consolidate the Barcelona Film Commission, attract film shoots to the city and promote sustainable film tourism in collaboration with Turisme de Barcelona.


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