Tibidabo opens up to robotics and programming

The new Creatibi Robotics section at the Tibidabo Amusement Park enables families to engage with educational robotics, broadening the range of educational activities aimed at visitors of all ages. The new section consolidates education as one of the four strategic themes for the park, along with solidarity, sustainability and experiences.

03/12/2019 18:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Special activities are offered in a revamped room and have been designed based on various programmable robotics platforms, intended for people of all ages. The section is divided into six activity areas offering different challenges:

  • A stroll around Barcelona: coding and programming activity to make Bee-Bot® and Blue-Bot robots get around the city of Barcelona.
  • Sumo robot wrestling bout: to discover the abilities and movements of LEGO® Education Mindstorm EV3 robots, with official LEGO SUMO competition specifications.
  • A space journey: help a robot get through the asteroids and reach its planet.
  • Discover Collserola: a 4×4 robot journey around the different environments of the Collserola Natural Park.
  • Robot maze: precision activity to get through the maze with the Sphero robot without falling into any holes.
  • Programme a train: highly creative activity to prepare a robot journey with Coding Express, by LEGO® Education, which uses coloured pieces to programme the route and the activity of the train.

Creatibi Robotics completes the Creatibi by LEGO® Education section, which offers connected activities forming part of the LEGO® Passport, which children will have to complete as they complete the activities.

A second stage of this project will involve a revamp to the current Creatibi by LEGO® Education section and improvements to the Free Play section. Visitors will be able to make constructions freely, working on different skills such as social development, creative exploration, language and communication.

The Maker Space will also be revamped, with new content and concepts to be introduced with the goal of stimulating children’s interest in design and engineering.


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