Don’t go anywhere this weekend unless it’s essential

As the weekend arrives, people are being urged to stay at home and remember that the state of emergency only allows for essential journeys, such as going to medical centres, buying essentials or going to work, as well as helping dependent people of because of force majeure circumstances. Barcelona City Council is grateful for the efforts of thousands of citizens who for the second week running have stayed home, meaning traffic has dropped by 74.6%. Public transport in the city is handling just 10% of its usual volume. The demand for taxis has also dropped, with the service handling 5% of its usual volume, while the use of bicycles and personal mobility vehicles is down by 87%.

27/03/2020 10:53 h

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Given the health emergency caused by Covid-19, and in application of the Royal Decree of the State of Emergency (RD 463/2020), Barcelona City Council reminds all citizens of the obligation not to make any journeys unless strictly necessary.

As the weekend arrives, the municipal government is calling on people to stay at home and bear in mind that the exceptional situation only allows for essential and force majeure journeys stipulated in the Royal Decree: buying food, medicines and basic items; going to hospitals and medical centres; getting to work and going home; assisting elderly people, minors and dependent persons; going to financial entities; taking a dog for a walk or other force majeure circumstances, duly justified.

We’re also reminding people that any sort of journey outside of those established must be made individually, unless accompanying people with disabilities or for any other justified reason.

Reduction in journeys in the city

In general, the city of Barcelona has complied with the current Royal Decree, including last weekend. People have been staying at home, and this has been reflected in the huge drop in mobility in the city. In this respect, the City Council is grateful for this effort.

At the end of the second week of the declaration of the state of emergency, daily traffic in the city has dropped by around 74.6% on average compared to a working day in February. The main reductions are at entry roads to the city. This means that 1.24 million less journeys are being made by private vehicles on working days. At the weekend, that drop was over 80% compared to a typical weekend.

The same goes for public transport, currently being used by just 10% of passengers who would usually be using it.

The demand for taxis is also down, with just 5% of the usual volume operating, while the use for bicycles and personal mobility vehicles is down by 87%.

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