Barcelona launches the Pavelló Salut project and is preparing 4 facilities to provide support to the city's health facilities.

27/03/2020 18:05 h

Martín Roig

The Barcelona Health Consortium, formed by Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia, have begun the implementation of the Pavelló Salut [health pavilion] project to provide 4 facilities as an extension of the city’s four main hospitals. This measure will make it possible to attend a total of 600 patients simultaneously in an initial phase, and ease the pressure on the health centres due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

In order to implement the operation, the Health Pavilion Technical Office was constituted today. It is located in the Pere Vergili Health Park and made up of fifteen Barcelona City Council professionals under their manager, Marta Clari This office will be expanded in accordance with operational needs and it is prepared to attend all the demands that the Department of Health requires. All municipal services have been put at the disposition of the Health Department in order to tackle the logistic requirements that may be needed at any given time.

The Barcelona Fire Brigade, with the support of Doctors without Borders, has begun the task of installing the first Health Pavilion in the Vall d’Hebron Olympic Sports Centre, which will provide support for Hospital Vall d’Hebron, and it could be operational by the beginning of next week. The Barcelona Fire Brigade will be responsible for transporting patients, medical materials and medicine, while Catsalut will be in charge of managing health personnel and healthcare criteria. Meanwhile, the IT teams of the hospitals, Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Institute of Information Technology and the Generalitat’s CTTI are ensuring that the four pavilions have technological connectivity with hospital medical records, as well as public WIFI for hospitalised patients.

The 4 pavilions are as follows:

Vall d’Hebron Olympic Sports Centre: serving Hospital Vall d’Hebron

Claror Marítim: serving the Hospital del Mar

The Guinardó Sports Centre: serving Hospital de Sant Pau

The place serving Hospital Clinic has yet to be determined.

Operation Health Pavilion joins the list of various support initiatives for the city’s health centres, including Hotel Salut, which will prepare over 200 rooms in three city hotels to care for patients who are asymptomatic or have slight symptoms, self-sufficient patients and those who cannot self-isolate at home because of difficulties in their home environment. Hotel Salut ensures isolation and makes it possible to reduce the saturation of hospitals and intermediate care centres. Furthermore hotels close to the four main city hospitals will be made ready to support health personnel and provide them with somewhere to rest. This initiative has been implemented with the collaboration of the Association of Barcelona Hotels. ​