New measures to promote social labour contracts

As part of its efforts to promote the social dimension in labour contracts, the City Council has approved the decree on social work contracts for this year, setting aside 10 million euros as the minimum amount to be used in this area. At the same time, the first measures have been adopted to compensate special work centres and labour insertion companies for the impact of the increase in minimum interprofessional wages for current contracts. An internal instruction was also approved to improve administrative procedures for social work contracts.

17/05/2019 14:49 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The amount initially set aside for social labour contracts in 2018 was 9 million euros, but the figure came out at 10.3 million at the end of the year. Because of this, the minimum figure for 2019 has been set at 10 million euros.

According to the decree approved, municipal management will establish how this social capital will be distributed between different departments. The commission for socially responsible public procurement will be the body responsible for verifying the measures are adhered to.

Increase in interprofessional minimum wages

The increase in the interprofessional minimum wage approved by the Spanish central government has had an impact on current contracts with special work centres and labour insertion companies, as the price was determined taking into account salary conditions which have now changed. This impact particularly affects Parks and Gardens (by 149,000 euros), Barcelona Activa (25,000 euros) and Tersa (16,000 euros).

To mitigate this impact, an initial emergency measure has been drafted and approved to compensate special work centres and insertion companies. In addition, the City Council is calling for other public administrations to compensate the increase in the minimum wages in the sphere of social labour contracts.

Improved procedures for reserved contracts

As part of the effort to improve social labour procurement procedures, different municipal areas have teamed up with entities from the social economy and the disability sector to put together an internal instruction on reserved contracts.

The municipal instruction seeks to limit the factor of prices in contracting criteria so that they account of a maximum of 35%, and to give some indications to help evaluate insertion and support projects taking into account factors other than the economic offer.

The advisory service for the implementation of the social reserve, promoted jointly with Barcelona Activa, will provide support in applying the new instruction. The service will also publish an online directory this month of companies from the social economy.


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