Online training to find work

The current Barcelona Treball programme is being extended with an additional 25 capsules to boost job seeking skills, adapting to the needs and time available to people deciding to develop cross-cutting skills and increase their means of connecting with labour market.

23/05/2019 17:33 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The courses are designed so that technologically competent users and others requiring more personalised support all have access to them. Individual support for people needing it will be provided via Barcelona Activa’s jobseeking spaces.

The idea is actually for these capsules to complement the range of face-to-face training, using a practical approach and enabling theoretical learning to be personalised through group interaction.

The topics for the various courses range from techniques to define an action plan, to writing introduction letters, presenting a CV and even improving emotional skills, which affect the self-confidence of people looking for work.

The capsules are available via Barcelona Activa’s website Barcelona Treball. Anyone interested in signing up for the courses, which consist of ongoing open-access editions in cycles of 15 days, can do so from their own personal user area once the identification process for training is completed.


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